Air France Chooses Peltor and Telephonics Communication System

After years of evaluation, Air France decided to work with Peltor communication systems for ground handling. Peltor, in cooperation with Telephonics, has developed a highly flexible solution including a lot of different alternatives for long-term operations living up to the high standards set by Air France.

The Peltor/Air France contract is one of the largest in the business of communications systems in noisy environments and will run for many years ahead.

Peltor and Telephonics are very proud of supplying this solution to one of largest airline companies in the world.

This is a wireless full duplex system with efficient noise attenuating headset and noise cancellation microphones and advanced signal processing in the radio for reliable communication in very high noise levels. You can communicate with the pilot but also with an external communication system via an adapter.

Peltor ( is world leader in hearing protection and communication. For more than 50 years, Peltor has spearheaded the development of protection and communication systems for everyone who spends time in noisy environments.

Telephonics Sweden AB, a subsidiary of Telephonics Corporation (, is world leader in full duplex, wireless hands free intercommunication systems for use in high noise military environments with the TruLink radio product family.