Swissport’s Aviation Specialty Services Wins Additional Security and Fueling Business

Zurich, Nov. 7, 2008 — Swissport International, the world’s leading provider of aviation services, has scored further contractual successes with its airport security and fueling activities. Checkport has been entrusted with passenger screening services at Johannesburg Airport, while Swissport will also soon be responsible for all security matters for Delta Air Lines at Kiev Airport. On the fueling front, Swissport has expanded its activities at Dallas/Fort Worth, where 17 airlines operating more than 2000 flights a month now take advantage of its fueling services.

Alongside ground handling and cargo handling, Swissport Aviation Specialty Services is the third business line within the Swissport Group, providing security services, into-plane fueling and airline aircraft maintenance. All these areas are gaining significantly in importance, not only because of Swissport’s acknowledged expertise in ground handling matters but also in view of growing deregulation throughout the markets concerned. Swissport is well placed to take advantage of the trend, and is keen to expand its activities in all these fields.

Checkport, Swissport’s aviation security subsidiary, has been contracted by ACSA (Airports Company South Africa) for passenger screening activities at Johannesburg Airport per Nov. 1 to perform thorough screening of persons and goods to ensure that optimum security is consistently maintained. As well as its new Johannesburg duties, Checkport already provides various services at nine other South African airports. This latest commission underlines Checkport’s strategy of offering its security services not only to airlines but also (and increasingly) to airports and their operators.

Swissport has also secured a commission to take over security for Delta Air Lines at Kiev Airport. The new services will be provided from Dec. 1 onward.

Major fueling contract for Dallas/Fort Worth

Swissport Fueling Services reports a further success following its recent commission from Southwest Airlines for the carrier’s Chicago Midway hub: Swissport now conducts into-plane fueling for 17 airlines at Dallas/Fort Worth, the world’s third-biggest airport and the fifth-most-important in the USA in fueling terms. Swissport is now fueling more than 2000 aircraft a month under the new commission, which commenced Nov. 1.