VT Services Appoints New Business Development Director for North America

VT Services Inc. (VT), a leading provider of ground support equipment (GSE) fleet management, maintenance and training, is pleased to announce the appointment of Pat Brown as the new business development director for North America.

Brown will operate from the Alpharetta, Ga., headquarters of VT Services Inc. and brings with him a wealth of experience in the aviation industry — working for John Bean Technologies (formally FMC Technologies) for more than 21 years, with his last position as executive sales manager.

“In the current ground handling climate, airlines and ground handlers are looking for innovative ways to manage their GSE fleet in order to lower costs and focus on their own core business,” Brown says.

“We are told by many in the industry that the GSE model delivered so effectively by VT for British Airways in the UK must be brought to the United States. I am delighted to have this opportunity to contribute towards the delivery of class-leading capabilities and asset management.

“VT’s GSE fleet management model is the future for our industry. The GSE fleet management between VT and British Airways has proved that cradle-to-grave ownership of GSE by a trusted partner can deliver long-term business benefits and economies from equipment specification to provision,” he adds.

VT Services Inc is a leading operator in aviation, defense and emergency sectors in the USA, UK and internationally, managing key asset availability and engineering support contracts. VT Services Inc. delivers mission-critical operational capabilities, including GSE and best-in-class fleet management solutions such as financing, asset management and training support.

“In today’s airline environment my role is to work with partners in the U.S. to ensure that they are focusing on their core objectives and achieving business success, while making efficiencies across their business on a daily basis,” Brown explains.

VT’s portfolio includes business partnerships with the U.S. armed forces and UK Ministry of Defence, airlines, ground handling companies, metropolitan police and fire departments. VT’s 15,000 staff in 200 locations worldwide deliver world-class service with the highest levels of integrity.

Austin Lewis, director and general manager for VT Critical Services, commented: “Pat’s business knowledge and experience, especially in his work with John Bean Technologies, will be of great benefit as we continue to progress and develop our airside business in the USA over the coming months.”