Air T Inc. Announces Receipt of $11.5 Million Order from the U.S. Air Force

MAIDEN, N.C., May 4, 2009 — Air T Inc. (Nasdaq Capital Market:AIRT) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Global Ground Support LLC, has received an order for 29 mobile deicing trucks, including three extended reach deicers, to be supplied to the United States Air Force for a total of approximately $11.5 million. The order is pursuant to Global’s existing multi-year contract with the Air Force and includes the actual units, shipping costs and training courses associated with the units. Global’s contract with the Air Force expires in June 2009 and Global is currently in the process responding to the new request for proposal.

Walter Clark, Air T's CEO, stated that, “I am proud that Global Ground Support has been the supplier of aircraft deicing trucks to the U.S. military for the past ten years. It is gratifying that the Air Force renewed our contract with them at the end of each option period under the existing contract. We have put forth a very competitive proposal to continue to supply the Air Force for the next five years. This delivery order coupled with our existing backlog creates the opportunity for continued strong performance at our Global Ground Support unit in the current fiscal year. ”