eTug LLC Announces New Patent Pending eCart

eTug LLC today announced the availability of its new patent pending "eCart"TM Battery Baggage Cart for the eTug.

Until now, downtime during the charging process has been a problem for any electric tow tractor, but the eCart TM solves this problem. The eCart enables the eTug to operate 24 hours a day without stopping to charge the eTug. eCarts charge independently of the eTug, using a standard 110v outlet. When the eCart is drained of power, simply disconnect and connect another fully charged eCart. It's that easy.

Operators are familiar with connecting and disconnecting a baggage cart. The only additional step is plugging in the eCart to the eTug. Because of the simplicity, the eCart does not require special training to operate.

The eCart has also removed the need for hard wired fast chargers, however can still be used to fast charge the eCart if required.

The eTug can also be operated without an eCart using its own set of batteries.

Ideal operations for the eTug with eCart would be hub operations, long distance towing, interline baggage operations or simply very busy operations. The eCart is also for sale without the batteries.

The eCart will change the way the whole industry will look at electric tractors with respect to having to plan on charging times and the need to calculate what effect charge time has on the operation. Now that equation has gone away for new eTug clients. This also potentially removes the quantity of tractors required to perform the job at hand and could save eTug buyers even more precious capital.

We figure our clients need at least one baggage cart anyway; why not pair the tractor and cart together and include batteries to power the eTug and provide 24/7 availability. Overall the combination is very, very cost effective.

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