eTug LLC Announces 'Cash for Clunker Tugs'

eTug LLC today announced a "Cash for Clunker Tugs" program.

In a knock off from the Government "Cash for Clunkers" automobile program, eTug LLC believed it was a good way to provide some incentive for gasoline and diesel baggage tractor users to trade them in for a $1,000 credit toward the purchase or lease of a new eTug. Tractors traded in on the program must be complete and be in operational condition.

Company president Neil Bennett stated the program is valid for the next 60 days but could be extended if feedback is positive.

"Preventing these foul noisy gas and diesel tractors from continuing to be used in favor of electric eTugs provides for a safer, cleaner and quieter working environment for ramp agents," he says. "Even clients with little or no capital can lease the eTug with potentially no money down (OAC) and immediately feel the benefits of the eTug the day it arrives with no charging stations needed for its use."

For more information and program details, please contact: Neil Bennett, president, at 253-853-1793,