SATS Launches Singapore's First On-airport Perishables Handling Center

Singapore, Aug. 18, 2009 – Singapore Airport Terminal Services Limited (SATS) announced its plans to launch Coolport @ Changi – Singapore’s first on-airport perishables handling center – in the first quarter of 2010. Major logistics players, freight forwarders as well as senior executives of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Changi Airport Group (CAG) were among the guests at a gala launch event held at the Grand Hyatt. Managing director of EDB, Dr. Beh Swan Gin graced the launch as guest of honor.

Costing approximately S$12 million to build, Coolport @ Changi will be the first dedicated on-airport facility in Singapore for handling terminal and transit perishables cargo within the Free Trade Zone. It will have multi-tiered zones, with different temperatures ranging from -28°C to 18°C, to handle a wide range of commodities such as live seafood, ornamental fish, meats, fresh produce and flowers

President and chief executive officer of SATS, Mr Clement Woon elaborated, “We believe Coolport @ Changi will present our airline customers with new opportunities to access new sources of business and help them differentiate themselves better. Our vision is for Coolport @ Changi to become the preferred transhipment hub for those categories of products requiring a secure cool chain logistics process.”

A first in Singapore, Coolport @ Changi will also have a dedicated system in place to handle urgent medical cargo, strengthening Singapore’s position as Asia’s leading biomedical hub.

Managing Director of EDB Dr. Beh Swan Gin said, “The presence of industry leaders enables Singapore to be a lead market for perishable supply chains in sectors such as pharmaceuticals. Logistics companies are able to understand first-hand, the unique needs of these sectors and develop innovative, customised solutions to meet these needs. Coolport @ Changi will enhance Singapore's positioning as an efficient, secure and reliable node for the perishables market in Asia.”

Bringing new products to new markets

Located within SATS Airfreight Terminal 2, Coolport @ Changi will have an annual operating capacity of approximately 250,000 tons, with scope for expansion from the current 8,000 square meters to 14,000 square metres.

Coolport @ Changi will be the first facility in Singapore comprising three multi-tiered zones with different temperatures ranging from -28°C to 18°C. It will be able to handle a broad range of perishables cargo such as live seafood and ornamental fish, fresh produce, meats, flowers and pharmaceutical products including vaccines.

A host of value-added propositions including Warehousing and Distribution, Live Tanking, Inventory Management & Control, and Ripening facilities provides a complete cool chain logistics solution.

Coolport @ Changi will be designed in accordance with internationally recognised Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines for food safety and in compliance with the highest international standards of cool chain integrity. It also aims to be the first Halalcertified air cargo hub for perishables in Asia Pacific.

Director-General of CAAS, Mr Yap Ong Heng said, “Given the global trend towards greater air services liberalization, competition among air hubs will only intensify. Those air hubs that continuously innovate and introduce new products and services to better meet the needs of the industry will have a competitive edge. Coolport @ Changi is an excellent example of Singapore’s efforts in this regard to ensure that the Changi air hub stays ahead of the competition.”

Chief Executive Officer of CAG Lee Seow Hiang said, “We congratulate and welcome the launch of Coolport @ Changi in Singapore. This new service offering with enhanced cold chain management capabilities at Changi Airport will further differentiate Singapore as a leading air hub in Asia. We look forward to collaborating with SATS and our airline and logistics partners to seize these new growth opportunities moving forward.”

Specialist perishables cargo freight forwarder, Hellman Perishable Logistics, has been selected as a partner and consultant for Coolport @ Changi.