Aviall to Distribute Unitron LP’s GPUs and Airborne Frequency Converters

DALLAS, Oct. 20 – Unitron LP announced that it has entered into a worldwide distribution agreement with Aviall Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, for the sale of its all electric environmentally “green” 28 VDC and 400 Hz mobile and towable ground power units (GPUs) into the ground support equipment (GSE) market and into the Completion Center market with Unitron’s onboard Solid State Frequency Converters (SSFCs).

Unitron has been designing, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing solid state frequency converters (known to the aircraft maintenance and operational support industry as all electric GPUs) since 1960 when it was first started as a prime contractor of the U. S. Department of Defense. The military has always been extremely interested in ultra light weight and small power conversion equipment to support the deployment of its fighting forces; a need satisfied by Unitron when it achieves what is often considered unattainable. Because of Unitron’s ability to design and provide the world’s most easily maneuvered, mobile, single operator GPUs which occupy half the footprint of their nearest competitor, Aviall recognizes the advantage these attributes will bring to its customers who often have limited hangar space and staff to move GPUs around aircraft needing to be serviced efficiently and cost effectively.

Because Aviall Inc. serves both the Business Aircraft and Regional Aircraft markets, it has chosen to kick off its marketing efforts of the Unitron GPUs and Onboard SSFCs by providing information about these products in its booth #2646 this year at the National Business Aircraft Association’s 62nd Annual Conference held in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center from October 20-22, 2009. Unitron will have a Product Manager present in the Aviall booth to assist in answering any specific questions about the extensive Unitron product line that is being offered by its newest distributor.

The Unitron mobile GPUs, trade marketed as its PwrKart™ product line, operate from any specified power source and provides both single and dual outputs having 400 Hz power rating starting at 15.0 kVA and continuing upwards through a rating of 90 kVA. Combination GPUs providing both a 3Ø, 400 Hz power source and a 28.5 VDC power source will operate ANY aircraft in the world requiring these voltages which makes the Combination GPU excellent for use by FBOs servicing both 400 Hz and 28.5 VDC aircraft, for Regional Aircraft at the terminal and during hangar maintenance activities, and for the Business Aircraft community, private or corporate.

To meet the Regional Aircraft demand in the late 90s, Unitron introduced the FIRST 28VDC/400Hz Combination Bridge Mount units and Mobile Hangar Maintenance GPUs. These are able to supply any 28 VDC aircraft with its 600 A output current and 2000 A, 30 second, peak starting current. This 28 VDC output is able to be added on to almost any existing Unitron 400 Hz GPU.

In addition to its Combination GPUs, Unitron also offers a stand alone 28 VDC Ground Power Unit, the Model RDC-620M. This is the ONLY known 28VDC maintenance/start cart that is certified compliant to the NFPAs National Electric Code (NEC) for HANGAR operation; this being accomplished by meeting the 18 inch rule stated within this standard. For more information about compliance to this requirement, refer to Unitron’s Web site at www.unitronlp.com.

During the NBAA2009 Convention , Unitron will be exhibiting at Booth #1796 its new "Stay in Touch" All GREEN GPU features and options plus new Airborne ALTERNATE BUS Solutions in support of its on board FAA TSO Authorized Frequency Converters that Aviall will be selling to the worldwide Completion Center market it serves. This TSO’d GS Series is the only Airborne Frequency Converter product line that offers (N+1)(N+X), Redundant/Hot Swap features and power grid expansion capabilities to the Business Aircraft market. These features were developed by Unitron as part of its COTS equipment for Critical Bus requirements in military aircraft. Aviall’s close association with the worldwide community of Completion Centers makes the Unitron GS Series a perfect product line to offer these long-term customers.