Cargolux Signs a Five-year Agreement with Unitpool

Zurich, Jan. 18, 2010 - Cargolux, Europe’s largest scheduled all-cargo airline currently operating fourteen 747-400F freighters, has concluded a five-year agreement with ULD supply and management provider, Unitpool.

The five-year contract, which will start mid-January 2010, includes the sale of the Cargolux ULD fleet to Unitpool, provision of service including 24/7 ULD management across the airline’s worldwide network, repairs and maintenance, and supply of ULD to secure replacement and growth. Unitpool has been working closely with Cargolux since the end of October 2009 refining processes, visiting the various stations across the network, and bringing on board new staff to ensure all is set for a seamless transfer of operations in January.

“Cargolux is by many industry observers seen as the “gold standard” for cargo airlines with a long built reputation for quality and service, so we are extremely proud of this new agreement”, said Unitpool Chairman and industry specialist, Dr. Ludwig Bertsch. “Securing Cargolux as a customer, which followed a very detailed due diligence process which took nearly a year to finalise, is a real endorsement of the quality of the team and processes we have instilled at Unitpool. Asset Pooling by nature is a scale business, and adding Cargolux not only increases our ULD fleet to over 33’000 ULDs, creating scale and network synergies for our customers, but adds new stations to our system and pushes us to bring forward enhancements to our Tracker IT-system.”

A spokesperson from Cargolux said “Cargolux observes that pooling of ULDs will deliver very tangible service and financial benefits. For us, the overriding benefits driving the decision behind the new cooperation are: less hassle with rotation management; stations no longer concerned with minimum stocks while pooling effects making positioning of ULD simpler; access to new ULD management IT system with better real-time information; lowering of long term operating cost; and freeing up cash bound in an asset.”

David Harman, CEO of Unitpool believes the addition of Cargolux will push Unitpool’s service standards to higher levels. “Cargolux is well known for its flexibility and focus on customer satisfaction, and it will be our pleasure to rise to the challenge of supporting Cargolux in continuing to be the carrier that does not have “no, can’t do” in it’s vocabulary.”

Unitpool will continue the close working relationship Cargolux has established with DoKaSch of Germany for ULD repair and maintenance.