New Aviation Marketing Firm Launched

Boise, Idaho, March 4, 2010. Bob McMichael, former vice president of sales and marketing for international GSE manufacturer AERO Specialties, has launched a new branding and marketing firm for small to mid-sized aviation companies.

Focusing specifically on the FBO market, and business aviation in general, McMichael combines his expertise in branding with his intimate knowledge of the aircraft support industry to provide affordable marketing services to smaller companies that might not have the budget required to retain a larger ad agency.

Flightbrand provides a comprehensive range of marketing services, from complete branding strategies involving in-depth research, development and ad campaigns, to corporate collateral production (brochures, catalogs, trade show material), to Web sites and other Internet-based marketing products.

As a relatively small agency with high quality output, McMichael believes that Flightbrand’s work can – in its own small way - help the business aviation industry improve its bottom line, as well as its image and reception in society as a whole. “Everyone can – and should – have a good looking, well organized, easy-to-use Web site,” McMichael says. “It’s not that complicated – the bigger agencies make it harder and much more expensive than it needs to be. Less is often more than most companies need.”

Widely regarded for his efficiency during his career with AERO Specialties, McMichael applies the same principles to his branding and marketing work with Flightbrand. “The Internet is the most cost-effective and easiest way to find and keep new customers,” McMichael says. “And the truth is that many FBOs and other aviation companies simply aren’t using the web to its potential. We change that, and the results are quick and excellent.”