Brady Introduces B-345 High Temperature PermaSleeve™ Wire Markers

Milwaukee, WI – Brady Worldwide, Inc. has announced the launch of its new B-345 High Temperature PermaSleeve™ wire marker, a new heat-shrink sleeve that excels in high temperature and low-vacuum outgassing applications. Already a renowned leader in high-performance marking and wire identification, Brady expanded its PermaSleeve product line to best equip the aerospace, defense and mass transit industries. Brady’s B-345 High Temperature Wire Marking Sleeves are designed to effectively meet the challenging industry specifications.

Brady’s PermaSleeve line of heat shrinkable wire markers fit snugly around wires for maximum insulation protection and permanent identification. The new B-345 High Temperature sleeves provide an essential and critically viable wire marking option for high temperature and low-vacuum outgassing applications that are common in aerospace, satellite, defense and mass transit industries. The sleeves are also ideal for applications that require greater resistance to harsh chemicals, lubricants, and high power cleaning solvents.

High Temperature PermaSleeve Markers meet specifications for military standards

Fully tested to meet exacting Military specifications and electrical standards, Brady’s high temperature sleeves are vigorously lab and field tested to meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace, defense and mass transit industries. The B-345 PermaSleeve markers have an operating temperature of -55°C to 225°C, ensuring legible identification in a wide range of temperatures. Made of an irradiated high temperature PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), the heat shrink sleeves are tested and approved for SAE AS-81531 and MIL-STD 202G method 215K for Marking of Electrical Insulating Materials. The B-345 markers have been tested per the performance requirements of AMS-DTL-23053/18. They also meet the vacuum outgassing performance of NASA SP-R-0022A for Vacuum Stability Requirements of Polymeric Material for Spacecraft Application and are RoHS Compliant to 2005/618/EC.

Options matter with high-tech wire marking

The High Temperature PermaSleeve wire marker is available in nine diameters from 3/32” through 1.5”, with a shrink ratio of 2:1 (the 3/32” size is available in a 3:1 shrink ratio) to fit snugly around wires for protection and indelible identification. To accommodate a large number of labeling scenarios, the B-345 heat shrink sleeves are available in White, Black, Yellow, Pink and Blue. Where others fall short, Brady offers a portable wire marking solution to make operating in the field quicker and easier. Brady’s solution, including the line of thermal transfer printers such as the Bradyprinter™ PR Plus Printer, the Brady IP™ Printer, and the TLS2200® printer, along with Brady LabelMark and BradySoft Labeling Software, ensures easy set-up and printing of the High Temperature PermaSleeve Wire Markers.