Sage Parts Widens Product Offering

Melville, New York, September 27, 2010 – Sage Parts has added the RAMPTECH brand to its product collection. Leveraging its resources to bring a wider array of product choices to ground support operators at the lowest possible prices and the highest possible quality, Sage now distributes GSE parts specifically engineered for ground support equipment and the ramp environment.

“Many customers have expressed strong interest in being able to purchase a broader range of products from us. We searched for the right co-branding opportunities, supported by the right manufacturers, to bring our customers a greater selection at the cost efficiencies and rapid availability they already expect from Sage Parts,” said Michael Bloomfield, Sage executive vice president.

RAMPTECH brand GSE replacement parts include various items utilized by a wide range of ground support equipment. Engineered for dependability, RAMPTECH parts will be instrumental in reducing costly GSE downtime and total cost of ownership. Sage’s highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers are working closely with GSE operations to make certain that the right specifications and materials are chosen for specific requirements.

Among the factors driving Sage’s strategy to distribute RAMPTECH products is the GSE industry’s need for a superior product line that eliminates the problem of utilizing parts which in many cases are not robust enough to handle the demands of a busy ramp. In addition, many GSE operators face the prospect of trying to service older equipment with replacement parts that are obsolete or no longer available. The RAMPTECH line addresses that issue. Furthermore, the RAMPTECH line provides a solution for products that had experienced difficult supply chain challenges in the past.

Adding to the advantages of RAMPTECH GSE products is the ability of the supplier to offer the best possible price to its customers. “Sage Parts is taking a lead position in distributing an expanded line of GSE replacement parts. The international manufacturing sources we’re partnering with to produce the RAMPTECH brand line are among the finest in the world,” continued Bloomfield. “Through our strong relationships with these manufacturers, combined with our 40-plus years of experience in designing, developing and marketing GSE products, we’re assuring unmatched product performance, reliability and value for our customers.”