Group May Oppose Love Field Plan

A citizens committee representing neighborhoods around Dallas Love Field said it would withdraw support for the city's airport master plan if the Wright Amendment is repealed.

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport should remain the region's primary airport with Love Field remaining a satellite airport, said Pat White, co-chair of the Love Field Citizens Action Committee.

The 2001 master plan limits Love Field to 32 gates.

"What we agreed to was 32 gates with the Wright Amendment in place," White said.

"What we did not agree to is a national airport with 32 gates."

If the Wright Amendment were repealed, a new master plan would be necessary to control noise, pollution and traffic around Love Field, White said.

American Airlines has already suggested that the master plan could become void if the Wright Amendment, which limits the destinations of Love flights, were repealed.

With the cap removed, unpredictable growth could result with American offering flights at Love. Southwest Airlines officials disagree, saying they believe that the master plan will stay in place.

White's group met with the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce to discuss the issue. Southwest, economist Bernard Weinstein and D/FW Airport officials also have spoken to the chamber, and American has a meeting scheduled for next week.