Construction of Air National Guard Fire Station Halted

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) _ Federal officials have stopped construction at an Air National Guard fire station, saying the structure could block the vision from the control tower.

The Federal Aviation Administration said last week that the 34-foot-tall fire station at the 185th Air National Guard Refueling Wing is too tall.

The Guard did file an application for the project, but got started before winning approval from the federal agency, said FAA spokesman Tony Molinaro.

A runway at the Sioux Gateway Airport/Col. ``Bud'' Day Field may have to be shut down if the fire station blocks the tower, he said.

``From our point of view, we feel this is a major issue,'' Molinaro said.

The FAA has given the Air National Guard a few options to remedy the situation, but Col. John Jansen says the Guard complied with regulations and that the line-of-sight issue came up after the building was raised. The runway won't need to be closed, he added.

``We will come to a conclusion that is amicable to everybody, and it's not going to be difficult,'' he said.