Colorado Man Charged with Rampage on Flight to Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- A man denied alcohol during a United Airlines flight went on a rampage, breaking tray tables and other equipment, the FBI said Wednesday.

Brian A. Casias, 35, has been charged with interfering with the flight crew on Flight 711 from Denver to Anchorage.

Casias, of Commerce City, Colo., was heard swearing as he boarded the flight Tuesday, and the plane's captain advised him that he would not be served alcoholic beverages.

When a flight attendant denied Casias' request for a drink, he allegedly threw his tray of food down and spat repeatedly on the floor, the FBI said.

Casias allegedly ripped the phone off the back of the seat and broke two tray tables, throwing them to the floor, the FBI said.

Casias also is accused of urinating on the floor of the lavatory, where he allegedly broke a handicapped bar and a changing table. He also is accused of swearing repeatedly and of smoking several cigarettes on the plane.

Casias, who was arrested by airport police and the FBI when the plane landed, remained in custody and was scheduled to appear before a federal magistrate Thursday.