Air Force Plans a $15 Million Runway at Kona Airport, HI

KONA, Hawaii (AP) -- The Air Force plans to build a $15 million runway at the Big Island's Kona Airport.

The Air Force plans to use the it to train a new squadron of C-17 Globemaster cargo jets.

The runway will be built between the ocean and the existing runway at Kona, said First Lieutenant Craig Savage, an Air Force spokesman.

He says there is no timetable to build the runway since no Air Force money has been appropriated for the project.

The first of eight C-17 Globemaster cargo jets will arrive at Hickam Air Force Base in January.

One new four-engine C-17 is expected to arrive at Hickam each month from the Boeing's Long Beach, Calif., factory.

Eighty-seven active Air Force and Hawaii Air National Guard pilots will operate the jets.