New Terminal Opens at Logan for First Time in 30 Years

BOSTON (AP) -- Delta Air Lines' new Terminal A opened at Logan International Airport on Wednesday, the first new terminal built at Logan since 1975.

Delta's 99 daily flights will now depart and arrive from the 686,000 square foot terminal, which was rebuilt to help the airline's expansion in Boston. The project gives Delta almost three times the space it had in its previous locations in Terminal B and Terminal C combined.

The complex, which has 14 restaurants and 19 shops, was completed after three years and about $400 million in improvements.

The terminal has access from the highway and an exclusive exit from the airport. New security systems include a centralized checkpoint with eight lanes for busy periods.

Atlanta-based Delta is struggling, and shares fell last week after it warned it would post another substantial loss this year, despite recent pay cuts and other job cost reductions. The company has not ruled out a bankruptcy filing.