Flight Crews: Keep Ban on Cells

According to a poll released Thursday by the flight attendants union, 63 percent of airline passengers oppose the idea of allowing in-flight cell phone calls.

''If you're on a short flight, you can probably wait,'' he said, adding that he sometimes doesn't even open his laptop computer on short flights. ''If it's just an hour or so, I'll just rest or maybe read a book or magazine.''

The survey -- which also presented what-if scenarios if the ban is lifted -- revealed that about 80 percent of surveyed passengers worried the cell phone use would put the nation at higher risk for terrorist attacks because in-flight terrorists would be able to easily communicate with their on-the-ground counterparts.

Also, 70 percent of respondents favored sectioning off the plane for cell phone use and non-use. And 90 percent favored a requirement that cell phones be banned during safety and emergency announcements.

The survey was conducted by Lauer Research, which polled 702 frequent and occasional air passengers nationwide from March 28 to April 2. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

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