Pittsburgh Int'l Airport Seeks TSA Approval for $3 Mil. Security Checkpoint Addition

IMPERIAL, Pa. (AP) -- Passengers could have shorter waits at security checkpoints if federal officials allow Pittsburgh International Airport to build a second screening checkpoint.

The Allegheny County Airport Authority wants to spend $3 million to build another checkpoint in the airport's vacant commuter terminal, which passengers would access from ticketing on the third floor.

The new checkpoint would add as many as six more lines to screen passengers and be connected to gates with a walkway, airport officials said.

The plan needs to be approved by the federal Transportation Security Administration, which would need to add equipment and employees, and by airlines, which would pay to build the new checkpoint.

Passengers typically wait about 10 minutes to get through security, but the wait can be as long as a half hour on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons, officials said.

About 3.7 million people flew out of the airport last year, the most ever, and more are expected this year when Southwest Airlines begins flights next month.