BWIA Flight to Barbados Nearly Collides With Another Plane

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (AP) -- Trinidad's national airline BWIA was investigating a near mid-air collision during a flight between Miami and Barbados, officials said Monday.

The incident happened sometime over the weekend, BWIA spokesman Deon LiGore said. BWIA said an American Airlines flight was involved in the incident. LiGore did not provide further details.

American Airlines spokeswoman Martha Pantin, however, said the U.S. carrier had ''no reports of this happening.'' American Airlines has contacted the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to determine whether there were any warnings involving one of their planes, she said.

FAA officials did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment.

BWIA has been on the brink of financial collapse. Earlier this month, the government granted a Trinidad $222.9 million (US$35.6 million) bailout package for BWIA and suspended several flights to the Caribbean and Europe in an effort to save costs.

American Airlines parent company, AMR Corp., is based in Fort Worth, Texas.