Food Service Expanded to More Flights on American

American Airlines passengers are buying enough snack boxes and $5 sandwiches that Sunday the airline expanded the food program to more flights. The airline began charging for sandwiches and snacks in the main cabin of U.S. flights on Feb. 1, hoping to save $30 million a year. As many as 60 percent of passengers on transcontinental and Hawaii flights buy the sandwich boxes, and 13 percent to 21 percent buy snack boxes or sandwiches on other flights, American said. The morning sandwich menu on selected flights now includes thinly sliced smoked ham served on fresh-baked raisin bread with an infused cinnamon-raisin cream spread. Afternoon/dinner choices include a wrap made from thinly sliced roasted turkey breast served in a large spinach-flavored tortilla with sun-dried cranberries, romaine and iceberg lettuce and a Brie cheese spread.