D/FW's Wright Amendment Study Ignores Public

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport spent $100,000 for a study on repealing the Wright Amendment and ducked the most important question: What's it mean to consumers?

Would it be ideal if Southwest would move from Love to D/FW, take a bunch of those vacant gates and help pay off the billions in bonds? Sure, but Southwest says D/FW doesn't fit its business model.

Like most of the industry, it doesn't want to take on a dominant carrier at its fortress hub.

D/FW officials say that's hogwash, but how do they think Southwest has managed to make a profit every year for three decades?

So we're at a stalemate. D/FW can't attract much low-cost competition because of American's muscle and Southwest's challenge of the Wright Amendment.

And Southwest can't offer its low fares beyond seven nearby states.

Here's an idea for the next study: How much money is the public losing while D/FW is stuck in neutral?

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