TSA to Cut Security Staff at Pitt. Airport

IMPERIAL, Pa. (AP) -- The U.S. Transportation Security Administration wants to cut its security screener staff at the Pittsburgh International Airport, the head of the airport authority said.

TSA officials reviewed the airport's staffing needs last week and told Allegheny County Airport Authority Executive Director Kent George that the airport would lose some of its 348 screeners, George said.

''I have not been told their results, but the indication is there will probably be a reduction here at Pittsburgh,'' George said.

Employees have been warned that as many as 100 screeners will lose their jobs, said Peter Winch, the spokesman for the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents the TSA employees at the airport.

TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis wouldn't confirm the reports, but said the agency probably wouldn't lay off employees, but would not refill positions that become vacant due to resignations and retirements.