S.J. Flights Delayed Briefly for Security Reasons

Six flights out of Mineta San Jose International Airport were delayed for a few minutes this morning while security officials investigated a possible breach.

Airport spokeswoman Adrianna Rivas said it turned out that there was no security breach, and that operations were back to normal in a short time.

The incident began at 6:33 a.m., when a security checkpoint screener went to her supervisor and said she was afraid she had ''missed something,'' Rivas said, adding that no details were available.

The supervisor immediately closed the checkpoint in Terminal A while officials reviewed security tapes. The tapes revealed that everything had been done by the book, and the checkpoint was reopened to screen passengers in a line that had grown during the 10- or 15-minute shutdown, Rivas said.

Rivas said the screener's actions were commendable. ''She took every precaution, and with customer safety, you can't cut corners,'' Rivas said.

Four Southwest Airlines and 2 American Airlines flights were delayed a short time, but subsequent flights got off the ground on schedule.