Recent Storms Take Toll on Lee's Summit Municipal Airport

Violent winds from two recent storms caused significant damage at the Lee's Summit Municipal Airport.

The first storm last week caused about $550,000 in damage and forced early demolition of a hangar.

The city this week decided against rebuilding the hangar. It already was scheduled to be demolished under airport expansion, said Bob Hartnett, deputy director of Public Works.

Hartnett said he estimated damage at about $250,000 to two hangars and $250,000 to aircraft. The facility is insured, he said.

The wind stripped about 150 feet of roofing off the first hangar, slamming debris into an adjacent “open-T” hangar. Several airplanes there sustained serious damage, and five more had slight to moderate damage, Hartnett said.

The second hangar had a tear in its roof and dents from the impact of debris, which was scattered about one-quarter mile over the airport property, Hartnett said. The damage first was noticed by an airport employee early June 4.

A second storm system Wednesday also caused widespread problems. Winds of 75-80 mph, uprooted or broke trees, damaged roofs and ripped outbuildings from anchors. Also, the storm damaged the door of a third hangar at the airport, buckling it so that it won't open, Hartnett said.

In addition, downed power lines left many homes without power. The City Council on Thursday approved free disposal of tree debris at the city landfill June 18 and June 25 for residents. Commercial customers still must pay.