Delta Air Lines Goes Above $499

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Just a few days after several airlines failed to push above Delta Air Lines Inc.'s $499 fare cap, they tried again.

On Wednesday night and Thursday morning, UAL Corp.'s United Airlines, Northwest Airlines Corp., and America West all added $10 to fares that had been capped at $499 to match Delta.

Delta raised fares $10 on flights it codeshares with other carriers. Codeshares are pacts between airlines that make it easier for passengers to book trips on multiple airlines.

Delta spokesman Anthony Black denied that Delta was breaking its ''Simplifares'' cap of $499 for one-way walk-up fares aimed at business travelers. He said federal rules bar Delta from undercutting codeshare partners on those routes.

Just last week Northwest tried to raise the $499 cap by $50. Several carriers followed, but the increase fell apart after Delta and AMR Corp.'s American Airlines failed to match it.