D/FW's Terminal D Plan Saved Months, Millions

Terminal D was built during the most volatile time in aviation history. Under its graceful, glassy skin, it's a steel-reinforced behemoth, augmented with almost $80 million in security features.

When 9-11 happened, "it allowed us to go in and redesign the changes," said Clay Paslay, D/FW executive vice president of airport development.

Based on a blast analysis, the entire terminal structure -- walls, columns, roof, floors, hotel-floor thickness, concrete base -- was redesigned, said David Lind, managing principal with the architect of record, Corgan Associates.

Had D/FW officials not fast-tracked Terminal D, the project could have been delayed for more than a year instead of just three months.

The 12,000 men and women kept construction going day and night.

The Skylink people mover is up and running, the Grand Hyatt DFW hotel is scheduled to open July 1 and Terminal D is expected to serve its first passengers in July.

American Airlines officials are enthusiastic about the opening of the facility for which they, ultimately, will pay most of the bill.

"This very definitely has become a distinct international center," American spokesman Al Becker said.

Without fast-tracking, Terminal D would be scheduled to open in early 2007.

Its cost would probably have been, based on industry trends, about $1.6 billion -- about $430 million higher.


Capital development program

Terminal D is part of a $2.7 billion airport expansion that includes runway extensions, Skylink, energy plant modifications, fueling system upgrades, a new major storm drain line and signs.

The terminal budget includes the Terminal D parking garage, fueling systems, terminal roads, roads connecting to International Parkway, skybridges, pedestrian bridges, Hyatt Regency DFW West condemnation and demolition, and terminal offices for the Transportation Security Administration. (Figures below are in millions.)

This figure does not include the $60.75 million Grand Hyatt DFW hotel in Terminal D. Added in, the Terminal D complex cost is $1.234 billion.

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