Charlotte/Douglas Int'l Airport's Cell Phone Waiting Lot Difficult to Find

The cell-phone lot at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport has been open since March, but people wanting to wait for arriving passengers without the security hassles of idling next to the terminal might have a hard time finding it. No signs direct drivers to the lot, named for passengers who call their rides when they arrive.

Also a few airport passengers wonder if the new 3,000-space parking deck will be open completely for the July Fourth holiday. Some upper floors were closed during Memorial Day weekend, forcing travelers to use overflow spots.

Signs telling folks how to find the cell lot should go up later this summer when the airport installs new overhead direction signs, Charlotte Aviation Director Jerry Orr said. The signs will guide travelers to the new parking deck, too.

In the meantime, drivers can reach the cell-phone lot by following signs to rental car returns and making the first left. The lot is immediately on the left.

July Fourth travelers should find more parking spots. All floors of the new deck are now open, and the airport has added another 500 spots to a satellite lot, Orr said.