Seattle Airport Debate Similar to Wright Amendment Debate

In this case, the setting is Seattle, and the argument centers on whether Southwest will fly from sprawling Seattle-Tacoma Airport or the smaller King County Airport, also known as Boeing Field.

In the Know

Southwest Airlines is considering leaving Seattle-Tacoma Airport and is refusing to begin service at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. The decision in both cities has sparked debates over the best use of the communities' airports. All figures 2004:

Total passengers: 28 million

Total aircraft operations: 358,894

Total air cargo (in metric tons): 346,966

Largest carriers: Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines

Top destinations: San Francisco; Los Angeles; Portland, Ore.; Spokane, Wash.; Chicago

Total passengers: 59 million

Total aircraft operations: 804,865

Total air cargo (in metric tons): 818,392

Largest carriers: American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines

Top destinations: Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago

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