U.S. Raising Terror Alert for Transit

The U.S. terror alert was raised to code orange for subway systems, light rail, and select bus routes. U.S. airport security remains at code yellow.

A notice sent by the Capitol Police Department to top elected officials said that while there was ''no intelligence regarding a specific threat'' to the Capitol.

Though Congress was in recess, lawmakers were quick to condemn the London attacks.

Traveling in Africa, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., denounced them as ''cowardly acts against innocent people.''

''The United States cannot be intimidated and our efforts will not be deterred,'' Frist said in a statement. ''We stand by the British people in their hour of need as they have done for us. My sympathies go out to the people of London.''

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada, said he and other leaders ''stand in complete solidarity with Prime Minister Blair and President Bush, and all the leaders of the G-8 Summit, who pledged their commitment and resolve to fight and defeat this kind of extremism and hatred wherever it exists in the world.''


Associated Press writers Katherine Shrader, Mark Sherman, Barry Schweid, Glen Johnson, Robert Burns, David Espo, Ron Fournier and Liz Sidoti contributed to this report

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