United Closes Commuter-Flight Remote Terminal at LAX

In an effort to cut costs, United Airlines has closed its commuter-flight remote terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. SkyWest/United Express flights now use Terminal 8 within the LAX main terminal complex as its commuter facility.

The airline began shutting down the terminal June 7.

This means San Luis Obispo passengers on United Express turbo-prop planes going to or from Los Angeles no longer have to take a shuttle to a small commuter terminal. They'll also have more time to reach their gate for connections, shop and go to restaurants while they wait for their next flight.

"We have a minimum connection time of 40 minutes between flights, which is usually a lot of time," said Marilyn Lekkerberk, a customer service representative for United Express at LAX. "But if a flight is somehow delayed, passengers now will have a better chance to make the next connection because the terminals are under one roof."

Sabrina Suite, a SkyWest spokeswoman said, connecting passengers will be able to save an average of four to 12 minutes.

The main Terminal 8 also offers shops, two Starbucks, and several bars and restaurants. The remote terminal offered sodas and snacks in vending machines.

But passenger Donna Hingtgen, who flies several times a year to San Luis Obispo through Los Angeles, said Monday the new arrangement has a downside -- she gets tired of walking from one end of the terminal to the other.

Currently, United Express has five daily flights to and from Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo.

American Eagle, which also flies from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles, continues to operate its San Luis Obispo commuter flights out of its remote terminal at LAX.