Security Expert Urges Increased Security at Toronto's Pearson Airport

An expert says there is a low likelihood that athe irport is a target, but advises patterning the subway like NYC subways.

"If you want to have a really comprehensive security system, you need to also involve society and the public," Kuepper said. "Absolutely, some things need to be kept secretive. But you need to also show the public, and the media, that your airport is safe and secure.

"Like New York is doing with it subway system, where police are checking bags and looking in every car."

Kuepper is also head of the International Association of Emergency Managers for the southwestern United States, a non-profit educational organization that has worked with the U.S. government. He said his organization is often invited by airport industry officials to discuss security measures.

"We had a meeting in April in California where we talked about tactics and emergency response and rescue procedures and every major airport in Canada had a representative there except Pearson," Kuepper said. "But exchanging ideas and seeking information is all part of being proactive in protecting and serving the public."

Turner said she didn't know why Pearson chose not to attend the California conference, but insisted Pearson representatives regularly attend other conferences worldwide.

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