Miami Airport Honors Employees For Assisting Passengers

Three employees at Miami International Airport were honored at the recent Customer Service Reward and Recognition Award ceremony for going the extra mile to help passengers at the airport.

Jose Perez of Hialeah, an American Airlines fleet service worker, was the winner for May. On May 6, he was walking past the ''up'' escalators in Concourse D when he noticed a passenger who had lost her balance and was about to fall backwards. He quickly ran to assist the passenger, immediately stopping the escalator's movement and assisting the passenger to her feet.

Perez worked with airport police to have fire-rescue personnel treat the passenger for minor injuries and he remained with her until rescue personnel arrived.

Jesse Perez of Kendall, a June award winner, is a Miami-Dade Aviation Department maintenance worker. On May 17, he tended to a passenger who fell next to him at a counter in Concourse A. The passenger was gasping for air. Perez immediately alerted staff at an information desk who then alerted the paramedics. He stayed with the passenger and until paramedics arrived.

James Ingram, a Miami-Dade Transit driver from Liberty City, was also a winner for June. He helped two elderly travelers who were unable to unload their luggage and several other carry-on bags from his bus. He got a luggage cart, loaded their belongings on it and then directed the passengers to the appropriate concourse for their departure.

''These employees, despite their busy schedules, took it upon themselves to assist customers in need,'' said Aviation Director José Abreu. ''They are shining examples for all airport employees to follow as MIA strives to be a leader in airport customer service.''

The Reward and Recognition Award program is open to all airport and county employees. A supervisor or customer may nominate an employee.

The winners are determined by a committee of employees from airport organizations who vote anonymously.