Massport Plans Logan Airport Security Upgrade

BOSTON (AP) -- Massachusetts Port Authority officials plan a $14.5 million upgrade of security at Logan, including the construction of a 10-foot concrete wall.

Officials are building the wall around the airport's perimeter to prevent possible terrorist attacks.

The wall, which will be topped with razor wire, will be 1.6 miles long and will replace a chain-link fence that currently surrounds the airport.

''If somebody does try to get through, they won't get very far,'' Massachusetts Port Authority security chief Dennis Treece told The Boston Herald. ''We're devoting our attention to making sure our perimeter is secure.''

Massport officials also plan to use global positioning system technology to keep an eye on Boston Harbor.

Massport will give Boston Harbor shellfishermen GPS-outfitted cell phones. The GPS will help Massport ensure that potential terrorists aren't posing as fishermen to scope Logan out for a possible attack.

Currently, shellfishermen who fish near Logan must wear security badges.

''It just adds another layer to Massport's program with the (shellfishermen),'' Anne Davis, spokeswoman for the federal Transportation Security Administration, told The Herald.

Massport will also begin using infared cameras to monitor Boston Harbor 24 hours a day.

The cameras alert security officials if a person or vehicle gets too close to Logan.

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