Airlines Cancel More Flights, Prepare for Possible Fuel Shortages

With the airports in New Orleans and Miss. closed to commercial traffic, airlines that serve the popular destinations face a loss of business.

Crude oil prices fell 87 cents Wednesday to close at $68.94 on the New York Mercantile Exchange, after briefly trading as high as $70.65.

Delta shares fell 4 cents to close at $1.16 on the New York Stock Exchange. AMR shares fell 10 cents to finish at $12.59 on the NYSE, where Continental shares rose 12 cents to end at $13.37 and AirTran shares rose 13 cents to $10.33. Northwest shares rose 9 cents to close at $5.03 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

AP Business Writers Dave Carpenter in Chicago, Josh Freed in Minneapolis and David Koenig in Dallas contributed to this report.

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