Reserved Parking is in the Works at Logan

As it wraps up a $250 million central garage overhaul that is adding 2,800 parking spaces at Logan, the Massachusetts Port Authority, which runs Logan, is readying plans to make some of them available as premium-priced reserved parking.

The 2,800 spaces being added on three new levels of the 1970s-vintage central garage will bring the total parking available on Logan property to nearly 15,000 spaces, aviation director Thomas J. Kinton Jr. said. Currently, the garages sell out at peak travel periods such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the public school vacation weeks.

The premium parking plan would help Massport further increase its revenue from parking, which in its most recent fiscal year rose 17 percent to $88.2 million, nearly 21 percent of the agency's total $421.5 million revenue. Massport's other revenue sources include airport and seaport rentals and concessions, airplane landing fees, and Tobin Bridge tolls.

Coy acknowledged Massport stands to make money but said: "It's more of a customer service that we're trying to offer." The system would not guarantee people a specific parking space on a specific level, but would let some number of spaces in a special zone be reserved by the equivalent number of drivers.

Even after the next 2,800 spaces are built out, however, Coy said he remains concerned that they will quickly fill up, saying, "We candidly think we're going to be maxed out on parking."



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