US Airways Set to Battle Holiday Rush

About 90 percent of Charlotte's travelers will fly US Airways, an airline that last holiday season delayed or stranded 560,000 passengers.

US Airways says it has changed dramatically in the past year and thinks it will avoid last holiday season's problems: Last year's problem | Staffing problems with baggage workers in Philadelphia, leading to 76,000 claims for missing bags. Response | Increase staffing in Philadelphia by 35 percent, or 400 workers, and spend $2 million on equipment such as 30 baggage carts and 35 baggage loaders.

Last year's problem | Shortage of flight attendants, leading to cancelled flights. Response | Changes in flight attendant labor contracts that require more flying and give workers less incentive to call in sick.

Last year's problem | Customer-service calls overwhelm workers, leading to 43 percent of holiday calls going unanswered. Response | This summer, the airline outsourced customer-service calls to the Philippines and Mexico, resulting in faster answering times.

US Airways flies nonstop between Myrtle Beach and Charlotte, N.C.

US Airways passenger enplanements at Myrtle Beach International Airport:

November | 18,138

Cumulative totals, January-November | 220,426

Last year | 211,579

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