D/FW Completes Test Phase on Security-Engineered Revolving Exit Door

Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l Airport is completing the test phase on what appears to be the country's first security-engineered revolving exit door.

The new door also has extra features designed to make sure that its lock- down mode doesn't inadvertently trap innocent passengers. For example, DFW had a recent incident where this happened to a mother with a small child in a stroller, Paslay tells Airport Security Report. The mother didn't think that both she and the stroller would fit into one of the door's three compartments, so she put the stroller in the compartment ahead of her, letting the door push the stroller through. However, the stroller kept right on going until it started heading back in toward the secure area. That tripped a sensor and an alarm, locking the door, and trapping both mom and her child inside it.

Boon Edam's door, however, has only two compartments. These are separated by an extra pie wedge between the compartments on each side, so there is never an open angle when the door presents a straight shot through from one side to the other.

In addition, once the door detects a problem, it can be set to slowly reverse direction on its own.

As an additional layer of security to limit the "backflow" of people on the non-secure side, DFW installed the door in front of a narrow 16-foot corridor. The corridor allows for video surveillance of the exit area with a fixed camera.

>>Contact: Clay Paslay, DFW, 972-574-8787, cpaslay@dfwairport.com; Mark Borto, Boon Edam, (910) 814-3800, markb@boonedam.com

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