Logan to Start Express Security Program This Summer

To boost interest in the program, participants will probably get benefits such as discounts on parking and dining at the airport.

Massport's Kinton said he expects the registered traveler program to prove popular at Logan but could not provide estimates of how many people might sign up. Logan will probably charge more than other airports to offer its passengers the registered traveler program, Kinton said. The agency is struggling with revenue shortfalls and soaring energy costs this year, and at the same time Massport wants to add more benefits to the program.

"We're going to think long and hard about what other kinds of amenities we might hang off it that customers may be interested in," Kinton said.

Those might include perks such as discounts on parking or airport coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. Logan plans to begin offering premium-priced reserved parking at its central garage this summer, too, and that "absolutely could fit into" a package of benefits for registered travelers, Kinton said.


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