Air Travel Security at a Glance

Carry-on items banned and permitted in U.S. airliners under security rules effective Tuesday:

_ Liquid and gel toiletries in 3-ounce containers or smaller are allowed if they are in a clear plastic, quart-size ziplocked bag.

_ Up to 4 ounces of some items are permitted in carry-on bags: eye drops, saline solution, nonprescription medicine and personal lubricants.

_ Larger bottles of liquids and gels from outside - including shampoo, suntan lotion, creams and toothpaste - are allowed only in checked baggage.

_ Drinks, liquids and gels purchased in airport stores inside the security checkpoints can be carried into passenger cabins.

_ Baby formula and medications are allowed but will be inspected.

_ Lighters are banned in carry-on bags and in checked luggage, unless they don't have fuel or are in a case approved by the Transportation Department.

_ Laptops, cell phones, pagers and personal data assistants are allowed.


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