Flights from Morocco Open to Congo and Equatorial Guinea

Previously isolated and almost devoid of substantial air traffic, the Republic of Congo and Equatorial Guinea, two of the sub-continent's main oil producers, will now be more accessible. Malabo, in Equatorial Guinea and Brazzaville, in the Congo will now be accessible via Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc. The Moroccan airline has been taken important steps in establishing Casablanca as a regional hub linking European and Africa travel, and competing to steal market share from the traditional European carriers to the continent. The Moroccan airline is playing a high-profile role in opening up African skies. The company had already added Cameroon to its destination list last year.

Significance: The establishment of a new airline route to the Congo and Equatorial Guinea obviously reflects the fact that airline traffic to these two countries has been growing. This is indicative that these Central African economies are growing and stimulating foreign interest, notably in the hydrocarbons sector. Increasing competition on a market often dominated by one or two airlines will also reduce prices for the consumer and further increase cross-continent mobility.

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