Dane County Airport Upgrades Approved in Wis.

Nearly $6 million worth of improvements has been approved for Dane County Regional Airport, Wisconsin's second largest airport. Gov. Jim Doyle approved just more than $1 million in state funds for two improvement projects, which will also be funded by the Federal Aviation Administration ($3.95 million) and Dane County ($888,948). One improvement involves relocating the terminal loop exit road to allow room for the expansion of the airport's parking lot. The other project involves upgrading and installing a 10-foot perimeter fence to prevent wildlife and unauthorized persons from gaining access to aircraft operational areas. "These projects come at the end of a major overhaul of the Dane County Regional Airport that puts it on par with some of the most modern and efficient airports in the country," Doyle said. "The improvements will enhance safety and security at the airport, which anyone who travels can appreciate. " The Dane County airport accommodates about 1.6 million passengers, 26.5 million pounds of freight and mail, and 130,000 aircraft take-offs and landings each year. In addition to general aviation and military aircraft, 11 commercial air carriers use the airport with more than 100 scheduled flights per day.