Denver Seeks New Bids for Registered Traveler

Denver International Airport is reassessing a fledging program that lets low-risk travelers speed through security, delaying a possible launch until summer at the earliest.

But the airport said it actually finds more value in the so-called Registered Traveler program now that the U.S. government has approved technology that scans shoes for explosives.

DIA said Tuesday it has pulled its request for detailed proposals from companies interested in running Registered Traveler. Instead, it is re-soliciting ideas as it looks to define new parameters for the program.

The move comes after the Transportation Security Administration firmed up aspects of Registered Traveler, airport spokesman Steve Snyder said.

The program lets low-risk passengers who submit to fingerprinting, iris scans and background checks move quickly through airport security. Travelers still must pass through metal detectors and send bags through X-ray machines, but they can take advantage of separate, shorter security lines.

The program, supervised by TSA and run by private companies, is voluntary for airports and travelers. It's currently being tested at Orlando International Airport in Florida.

When the TSA banned certain amounts of liquids, gels and creams from carry-on bags in August, DIA became concerned that the program would lose its value. But the airport has changed its tune with federal approval of technology that allows passengers to keep their shoes on at security checkpoints. At this point, the technology will be available only to members of Registered Traveler, bolstering the program's benefits. DIA now says it will require such equipment as part of its program.

The airport had been reviewing proposals from three companies: Verified Identity Pass Inc., Unisys Corp. and Saflink. It eventually will need to issue a new request for proposals once it defines specifics of the program.

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