Support Takes Off After AirTran Boots Screaming Toddler

AirTran didn't even realize what a gold mine of public support they had unearthed until the parents launched an indignant media crusade about their ordeal.

And there's a thumping majority that sees a clueless incivility in the Kuleszas' argument that a crowded airplane, its engines running, should have idled on the runway until their child could calm down.

It's too bad these parents didn't consider a third alternative, which would have been to ask to get off the plane and take a later flight, when their daughter was calmer. They would still have suffered an inconvenience, but they would have been spared the much more painful public embarrassment of being ordered off the plane.

I would come down on the side of the airline in this case. It's just too bad it had to go that far.

I don't know who has the legal upper hand here. But maybe it would have been easier to do the polite thing in the first place.

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