Ontario Getting 14 ExpressJet Destinations

By comparison Southwest Airlines, currently the largest airline at the Ontario Airport with 56 daily flights, serves six cities nonstop.

"The fares will be competitive in the markets that we serve," Nicholas said without revealing price ranges.

The airline's minimal to nonexistent brand recognition and the fact it will be sideling up to behemoths such as Southwest aren't going to help, said Robert Mann, an airline consultant based in Port Washington, N.Y.

"I think we're seeing kind of an end-stage strategy for ExpressJet. Not to say that it won't go a lot further than anyone expects; it's just that I think it's got a lot of risks attached," Mann said. "It's a fundamentally different business than when they flew at Continental's beck and call and basically had a cost-plus business running with Continental funding it."


Palm Springs International Airport had been in talks with ExpressJet but wasn't chosen as a destination.

"Ontario is still almost five times as big as we are," said Brian Kidd, deputy director of aviation for Palm Springs International Airport. "I have hopes that if some of these 24 cities don't work out, especially some that are smaller than us like Bakersfield and Fresno, that they'll come back to us.

"They need to have a Plan B if some of these initial options don't pan out," he said.

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ONTARIO AIRPORT 14 - Number of airlines, not including ExpressJet, using LA/Ontario International Airport.

113- Number of nonstop flights offered daily by those airlines

7,049,904 - Number of travelers who used LA/Ontario International Airport in 2006

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AIR TRAFFIC: ExpressJet says it will serve these 24 airports, including LA/Ontario International Airport, with nonstop flights. Flights from Ontario will go to 14 of these cities to be announced. (MAP

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Spun off from Continental Airlines in 2002

Operates as Continental Express, the regional provider from Continental Airlines, with more than 200 jets used primarily to feed passengers from small cities to large hubs

Uses 5-seat Embraer jet aircraft with leather seats and satellite radio

Will launch the new service with 44 excess jets

Carried 18 million travelers in 2006

Airline plans 44 nonstop destinations from Ontario but has not announced it schedule

ExpressJet Airlines employs approximately 6,800 people and is owned by ExpressJet Holdings Inc.

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