$1M and 3 Yeara Later, Dispute between Fernandina Beach and McGill Aviation Still Unresolved

As the latest circuit court decision is appealed to the Florida Court of Appeal in Tallahassee, both sides say they are frustrated because the other isn't willing to settle.

"We can't give away the airport," he said.


McGill officials say they're anxious to resolve the issue but now, it's a matter of principle.

"My dad is an attorney and has done construction litigation for 25 years. He's also been an arbitrator," McGill said.

"The city can take money out of the general fund to pay for this. My dad is using his own money. He wouldn't do that unless he was fairly confident of our position."

In the end, neither side may really win, Leeper said.

"The only people that are benefitting are the lawyers and the arbitrator. There was fault on both sides but it's frustrating that we can't settle this."

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