Pennsylvania Airport is Renamed - Again

Founder of 84 Lumber's name added to Connellsville's moniker.

Board member Mark Wassler added, "Since Sept. 11, corporations have excluded commercial travel. It's cheaper to take private air. There are four military contractors in Fayette County. All use private air. If we don't spend this money, they (the state and federal government) will give it to another airport. Everyone loses."

Griglak repeated his concern that taxpayers will shoulder the burden of caring for the airport that will be used by outside business people.

"You cannot recirculate your own dollars," Wallace said. "You need to bring in new dollars."

After the vote, McIntire said, "I'm surprised, shocked. There were no supporters here for the name change. It was totally wrong. There are other courses of action to get it changed back."

McIntire did not elaborate on possible courses of action.

Airport Manager Sam Cortis said pilots will not notice a name change. "We will still use Connellsville in communications. Brevity is important on the radio."

Wallace said no public funds will be used for new signs at the Joseph A. Hardy/Connellsville Airport.

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