Union Eyes Skycaps of Aviation Safeguards

>"Our local is focusing on California, because we think California leads the nation on so many levels," said Brian Rudiger, chief of the Service Employees's Airport Division.

Hartfield acknowledged that stools were taken from documentation checkers and that Aviation Safeguards had imposed a water ban.

As for the medical coverage, Hartfield said "that's a corporate decision," and that as a military retiree, he didn't need the company health plan and doesn't know "what it does or it doesn't do."

Sylvia Ruiz, an organizer with the SEIU local, said the union hopes to engage Southwest "to help them make better choices" when they hire contractors. Of immediate concern, she said, is that the company not hire Aviation Safeguards when it resumes service at San Francisco International Airport.

Both companies that provide services at Oakland's two terminals, Aviation Safeguards in Terminal 2 and DAL Global Services in Terminal 1, are in compliance with the Port of Oakland's living wage ordinance, paying a minimum of $10.07 per hour for employees with benefits, said Barnes, the airport spokeswoman.

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