Sports Fans Get Their Own Bar in the Sky

Television screens at each seat with live satellite broadcasts are a feature that has changed the in-flight experience for sports fans and nonfans alike, virtually creating a sports bar in the sky.

''It's great when we fly between two cities who are playing,'' Muney said. ''I remember we had a New York-to-Pittsburgh flight while that game was on,'' he added, referring to an NFL game. ''You could hear everyone rooting for their home team. It becomes a fun environment.''

But there is at least one downside to watching a live game on a plane. When it arrives at its destination, the TV screens may be turned off at exactly the wrong moment. Hodas, the Frontier spokesman, said he heard about this from Frontier's chief executive.

''The year before last, Jeff Potter, our CEO, was on the plane the evening of the Super Bowl,'' Hodas said. ''They pulled into the gate with three or four minutes left in the game. No one wanted to get off the plane, so Jeff went up to the captain and said, 'Let's just sit until the game's over.' The captain made the announcement, and Jeff, along with everyone else, sat there and watched the end of the game.''

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