Adam, ATG Making Small Craft that Could Transform Industry

But both Adam Aircraft and ATG face regulatory and competitive hurdles, and some doubt that the jets they and other companies are making will usher in a new age of flying.

Aside from competitive challenges, VLJs could take a hit if insurers increase rates for the new planes.

Perhaps the biggest concerns: VLJs could create headaches for commercial carriers and air traffic controllers. The Air Transport Association - an industry group for U.S. airlines - said the planes could get in the way of commercial operations. Although experts say many VLJs will be used at smaller airports and cities, other projections say they often will fly into larger markets.

"We're concerned that you could have a significant number of airplanes all of the sudden injected into the nation's air space," said Basil Barimo, ATA's vice president of operations and safety. "And these are not turboprop planes operating off the radar screen. These are planes operating in the 25,000-to-30,000-foot range."

Centennial Airport's Olislagers, though, believes the concerns over -VLJs are overstated. Predictions are that VLJs will, at most, make up about 25 percent of general aviation aircraft sales in coming years.

"If you're concerned about the VLJs," Olislagers said, "you should be more concerned about all the other general aviation airplanes coming into the system."


Aviation Technology Group

Headquarters: Arapahoe County

Founder/CEO: George Bye

Founded : 1998

Operations: Headquarters in Centennial; manufacturing, assembly and testing at Front Range Airport in Watkins.

Employees: 102


The high-performance plane can fly faster than a commercial airline and is modeled on a fighter jet, bringing a glamorous new look to the world of private planes.

Speed: Up to 600 miles per hour

Range: 1,150 miles

Maximum altitude: 45,000 feet

Space: Room for one pilot and one passenger

Price: $2.8 million

Demand: Has deposits for 150 jets


Wingspan: 25.1 feet

Height: 10.5 feet

Weight: 6,000 pounds

Fuel capacity: 280 gallons

Baggage space: 12.5 cubic feet

Timeline: ATG hopes to receive FAA approval of its Javelin jet in 2009 and begin delivering planes to customers later that year.

*The company is making a version for individuals and for the

military. Stats above are for the individual version.

Source: ATG

Adam Aircraft

Headquarters: Arapahoe County

Founder/CEO: Rick Adam

Founded :1998

Operations: Headquarters and final assembly plant at Centennial Airport; engineering facility in Pueblo; five smaller operations at Centennial and in Ogden, Utah.

Employees: 650, including 600 in Colorado


The A700 weighs about as much as an SUV, has better aerodynamics than other private jets, and features two engines on its fuselage, an unusual double tail and space for up to six passengers.

Speed: 390 miles per hour

Range:1,400 miles

Maximum altitude: 41,000 feet

Space: Room for up to two pilots and six passengers, depending on configuration.

Price: $2.2 million

Demand: 325 orders from business owners, private pilots and air taxi companies.


44 feet

Wingspan: 9.6 feet

Weight: 4,000 pounds

Fuel capacity: 330 gallons

Baggage space: 25 cubic feet

Timeline: Expects to receive FAA certification by late 2007 or early 2008 and begin filling orders immediately after. Recently began shipping its A500 twin-piston propeller plane and has more than 60 on order.

Source: Adam Aircraft

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